The Meanings of Star Tattoos for Men and Women

The meanings of star tattoos for Men and Women: There are several reasons and motives on the meanings and symbolism behind the tattoos of stars well razing from our ancestors and historical cultures, the stars have several meanings and symbols very beautiful that it is connected to each of us.

For many centuries until these times the symbol of the stars it is still used as a reference to divinity, honor, intuition, feminine, hope, achievement and orientation.

Many times the meaning of a star depends on the type of star you choose for your tattoo and your light will be guiding the rest of your life either on the day and at night.

The stars can be as simple as a good choice for the study of astronomy, or as complicated as to signify the birth of a child.

Stars can also represent a significant change in the life of each one of us or a desire to achieve high goals. Perhaps it is a bright and shining point in your life.

The meaning of the stars can also refer to your need to discover your own inner light, as we know the there above us in the sky stars, as well as within us as an invisible light or energy.

The star also symbolizes as a sign for the planet Venus as the stars of dawn and the goddess of war

One of the most popular associations of the star is its reference to our aspirations, hopes and dreams represent our ambitions and desires that we get in life.

The stars especially with wavy points represented as an emblem of God’s goodness.

The stars also represents a coat of arms, such as the shooting star represents a divine quality given from heaven by which men shine in virtue as stars of the largest bear and smaller bear can observe from the ground.

When the stars are surrounded by a circle, he is representing the “Divine Mind” in many cultures they are still using and rituals like the Jews, its star of David.

Virtually the stars according to their number of points have their varied meanings.

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Types of Stars for Tattooing in Accordance with their meanings and symbolism

Shooting Star
Nautical stars
Hexagram or Star of David
star Septagrama
star Octogram
Star Ogdoad of ancient Egypt

The recommended and most common Tattooing Body for any type of Stars Zones.

The Recomendables Zones For women:

In the feet
In the ankle
Lower Back
In the Hips
In the back
In the Columns Cervical Neck
In the shoulder
In the arm
On the side of the chest
In the hands
In the Dolls and

The Recomendables Zones For Men:

In The Upper Arm
On the chest
On the side of the neck
On your shoulders back
Lateral arm
In the Forearm
In the back of the hand
In the scapula
In the area of the Collarbone
On the wrist
On the side of the Cube and Ventral
In the Calves

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